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Rob Key Designs Presents “Iron With Elegance”

The Organic Process

In the tradition of old-world blacksmithing, we present the Rob Key Designs collection of “Iron with Elegance”, made proudly in the heartland of Oklahoma.

Decorative and ornate iron gates and iron rails first became popular between the 16th and 19th century. Rob Key’s luxurious designs accommodate every style, from traditional scrolls with French, Spanish and English influences to chic and sophisticated contemporary urban designs.

All of our original hand-forged iron designs start with raw iron ore that has been unearthed, processed and smelted at scalding temperatures. After all impurities are removed, mills transform huge chunks of iron and roll them into various shapes and sizes which we then form and fashion into our own distinctive iron designs, scrolls and patterns in our 13,000 square foot shop.

Rob hand sketches his designs, and then heats the raw iron to 2300 degrees, so the iron becomes malleable and more easily shaped. Then each piece of iron is hand hammered into the desired scroll or pattern.

Rob Key Designs can stretch, squash, pull or accommodate any original design twist or turn because they’re hand-forging every twist and turn. We do not sell any pre-fabricated ironwork. Every piece of iron is hand made.

Our iron rails, iron doors, iron windows and iron balconies are tough and enduring because there’s no paint, no filler, no “bondo”. Our iron doors are 100% welded, hand finished and long-lasting.

While this process requires more time and talent than our competitors, it assures you, our customer, with the highest quality iron gates an iron rails that can be found in the U.S.

Experience the rich, luxurious beauty of Rob Key Designs Iron with Elegance collection today. Click the links to browse our galleries of available designs or contact us to learn more about our custom iron design services.

To learn more about the distinctive line of iron doors, iron gates, iron rails and custom iron designs available from Rob Key Designs, please call us at 918.497.8370 or click here to schedule an appointment.